Improved Read Range

LED and Sound Buzzer


 Compact Size

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This RFID reader  is designed for multi-purpose usage. It can function as a desktop or a wall-mounted reader. It has also a build in sound buzzer and LED. It operates at 13.56 Mhz and is able to perform read/write operations based on GemWave Ario tags as well as third party tags. It has also anti-collision function.

Standards Compliance: Japanese ARIB T60 Radio Standard Compliance, ETSI 300-330 European Radio Compliance, FCC (On Going)
Size/Weight: 232 x 212 x 42 mm / 700 g
Functionality: Anti-Collision Mode
Communication Interface: RS 232
Communication Protocol: STX-E Protocol
Features: Build in LED and Sound Buzzer
Memory: 512 bits of Storage Capacity