Text Box: Text Box: RFID Australia Pty Ltd
Text Box: 54 Panorama Drive
Doonan, QLD, 4562
Text Box: Phone: +61 - 7 - 5471 07 46
Fax:     +61 - 7 - 5471 09 62
Email: info@rfid-australia.com
Website: www.rfid-australia.com
Text Box: Mobile   Data    Terminal
Text Box: CPU


Real Time Clock

LCD Screen

Operating System

Built-in Keypad




Text Box: 80386 Compatible Processor (Intel) 33MHz

Flash Memory 2MB (Optional up to 16MB)
ROM 512KB 
Video 32KB

Back-up battery operated

320 (W) x 200 (H) pixels STN LCD
Full digital adjustable contrast & Back-light (Optional Touch panel)
One Red and Three Green LED’s supported

ROM DOS 6.2 Programming PC Environment (Virtual Disk using Flash Memory)

High profile & Very convenient 13 Keypad including four function keys (F1..F4), cursor-move,
ENTER, and three special keys (MENU, EMERGENCY, and POWER)

Three serial RJ-45 Interfaces and additional one TTL On/Off Switch wires
The serial port operates at RS-232 electrical levels, ensuring compatibility with PC COM ports
without the need for a level shifter. A serial ports provide signals for transmit data, receive data,
DTR, and DSR.

12V DC Input with capabilities 8 ~ 24V Range
Operating current 250mA typical 200mA ~ 700mA

Operating temperature: -20OC ~ +70OC 
Storage temperature:    -30OC ~ +80OC 
Relative humidity:          5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

149 (W) x 122 (H) x 37 (D) mm

Automatic Vehicle      Location