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rfid applications



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logistics & industrial management



transport & fleet management

Effective inventory and production process management are vitally important to every industry. Radio frequency identification systems can help boost productivity by automating the traceability of information and input of new data..........[more]
Transportation and fleet management RFID solutions allows for automatic identification of both the vehicle and the goods they carry. Active and passive tags with both short and long reading distances are available for different kinds of applications.......... [more]

retail & service industry



access control & electronic transactions

RFID Australia supply's software and hardware which, enables businesses to tag, trace and identify their products. By tagging retail and consumer products, a business can boost its efficiency and introduce new customer driven services throughout the manufacturing, distribution and point-of-sale process.........[more]
Our RFID access control systems comprises of solutions for people, vehicles and objects. The system is based on contactless technology meaning that the registration of the person, vehicle or object takes place with minimal action from the user..........[more]
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