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RFID technology will give your products and company an identity

  • The identification system's integrated tag enables information to be exchanged at a distance. Information can therefore be written or read without direct contact.

  • According to the finish product's design and application, the tag can be integrated unobtrusively, made into an attractive feature or simply embedded into a card.

  • The tag can be read even if it cannot be seen if, for example, it is inserted in an item or immersed in liquid. This makes the tag more flexible than barcodes, which requires line-of-sight and correct lighting conditions for effective operation.

  • The tag can withstand hostile environments and temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, dust and dirt. It can also be read at any angle and location.

  • Tags are available in different form factors, shape, size and physical characteristics. Depending on application tags can be customised to different needs.

  • It can be programmed many times and is reusable.

  • It can be read at distances of thirty centimetres and beyond. Longer read distances for applications such as; vehicle security, road toll, building/gate access can also be achieved using active tags.

  • It offers multiple tags read which means that up to 10 tags can be read at the same time.

  • It offers from 64 bits to 2 kb of memory for storing large volumes of data.

  • For security purposes, the information stored in the tag may be protected using a range of comprehensive security options, specified by the user.

RFID can give your company the competitive edge

  • Making it easier to automate process.

  • Improving the management of tracked objects and ultimately customer satisfaction.

  • Lowering operation cost through the use of automation with smart RFID technology.

  • Determining the location of tagged objects in real time.

  • Enabling the introduction of new customer services.

  • Authenticating your products, protecting your brand name and know-how.

  • Improving security systems and preventing theft through the use of RFID access/security application.

  • Promoting enterprise-wide innovation.

  • Demonstrating industry leadership.

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