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RFID Australia is vendor independent. Having a strong relationship with leading suppliers of RFID and GPS/GSM systems around the world puts us in the unique position to provide you with solutions based on technology that fulfils your exact requirements.

Detailed analyses followed by financially viable solutions together with realistic implementation schedules is our business. Of course - project management and co-ordinating subcontractors is part of our offerings as well. We take care of what we do best, while you take care of your business.

Beside of developing customized solutions, specifically tailored to your exact needs, we also offer a variety of already developed and field proven turnkey solutions, developed by our team here in Australia. These sytstems can be used "as-is" or customized to your equirements. If you need more information or want to discuss your requirements please contact us info@rfid-australia.com


Turnkey Solutions


Streamline V

Pre-Cast Production System

POB System V


Personnel Tracking System

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