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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology will open up an increasing share of the market in the future as a result of consistent development of contactless identification systems as well as an increased need for companies to leverage on the advantages of RFID to lower operating cost and improve customer satisfaction. Many companies worldwide are discovering the advantages of using RFID for Smart Asset Tracking, Access Control, Logistics Management, Product Identification, Ticketing, Parking Payment Systems, Vehicle Identification, Textile Identification, Smart Card Replacement, Gas Cylinder Tracking and Management, Product Management, Hospital Patient Identification and many more. The applications for RFID Technology are limitless and vary from industry to industry.

At RFID Australia, we consider ourselves as a leader in the world of complete RFID applications and solutions. We are an innovator as we are continuously researching and developing hardware and software that allows us to remain in the forefront of RFID technology. We are also a developer   as everything we sell is designed and developed  by us in co-operation with our partners, giving us a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of all our products. We have a team of experienced software and hardware developers, with unrivalled experience in all leading RFID and smart label technologies. If you cannot find a product that suits your requirements within our extensive range, please ask us - we have the tools and building blocks to provide customized solutions.

Last but not least, we are a partner , as we provide sales support, service support, training, consultation, inventory and spare parts to all our distributors, agents and partners.

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